Scott Moore is a certified PRISM team coach, working with teams to help them reach high performance.  Scott’s extensive background in business aviation, combined with his professional coaching expertise, make him the perfect solution for coaching teams in aviation.  For flight departments, Scott can coach the pilots, maintenance technicians, schedulers, flight attendants, or the entire team as a whole.  For FBOs, target groups for coaching would be customer service teams, line service, or charter departments. 

The Moore Life Leadership Team Coaching Program is a 6-month program that begins with a 4-hour Kick-off Meeting, where the team creates its own values, mission statement, vision, and group norms (guidelines).  For the next 2-3 weeks, the coach performs on-site Developmental Coaching, improving team communication, managing conflict, and improving decision-making.  During this time, the quiet ones are empowered to speak, bullying is eradicated, and the strong voices are silenced.  Next, Retrospective Coaching Sessions are conducted with the team every 2 weeks.  These sessions reflect on team accomplishments, hold team members accountable, and positively address the issues that get in the way.  At the end of coaching, a Coaching Adjournment session celebrates the success of the team.


Why coach teams?  The team coach develops the five functions of a productive team:

  1.  Focused on results
  2. Holding each other accountable
  3. Commitment to decisions
  4. Creative conflict
  5. Mutual trust between team members


Scenarios where team coaching will be useful:

  1.  A new leader meets a veteran team
  2. Merger of two groups
  3. New team or organization
  4. Team members are behaving badly  (cliques, negativity, unproductive conflict)


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